Friday, February 18, 2011

How Do We Fix This?

Something's broken ... has been for a long time now. It needs to be fixed, but where to begin? Does anyone even know what it really IS? Well it's many things really and it all began (as I've said for decades now) back in the 60's when they decided it would be ok to remove prayer from schools and begin to banish God from the public place. There's a lot of broken hearts out there. Mostly because they've become so hardened over the years by lack of nurturing (hearing the Word of God) and proper diet (frequent Holy Communion). I've also noticed many many stiff necks that along with blindness and deafness keep them from seeing, hearing and acknowledging the REAL TRUTH because they've been led to believe that truth is relative and goes according to one's conscience. The tiny flaw in that is that in order for your conscience to actually be worth anything and produce proper guidance, it must be correctly formed according to REAL TRUTH in the FIRST PLACE or it is totally worthless and will lead quickly down the road to perdition. So .. here we are. How to fix it? Well for starters:
And a lot of it.

A note from Fr. Bozada: Can a Catholic Not Know Jesus?

My Dear People,

Many Christians are confused about the difference between religion and faith. The term religion is a reference to the organized aspect of the denomination. One might belong to a congregation, and fulfill all of their requirements, but Jesus could be totally absent from the picture. This is why Our Lord was so frustrated with the Pharisees. They were very religious. They knew Jewish Law, but God was absent from the picture. So it is possible to be Catholic in name and practice, but not to know who Jesus is.

That is where “faith” enters in. You have faith in a person, not a religion. It is possible to be a Catholic your whole life, and not grow in your faith in Jesus Christ. It is why in Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus calls us to be the salt of the Earth, a light to the world. We must be ready to share the person of Jesus Christ with one another. He is our Light… That is the recipe for growth in our faith!

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,

Fr. Mark Bozada

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