Thursday, January 20, 2011

What a Long Strange Trip It's Been!

Praise God that things are looking up for the Faith and that real UNITY may at last be on the horizon at least among Rome, possibly the sedevacantists and those that fell away after Vatican II was misconstrued. It just amazes me that we were actually kept in the dark for SO LONG thinking that Vatican II really instituted the changes that made so many turn their backs (not that that was RIGHT of course) and leave the Church and confused the rest of us (literally) all to hell and back! Pray hard for this folks .. that things be restored because it will increase Faith in so MANY and the timing couldn't be better. We so very much need to get serious about the Faith again and I believe that the Holy Father knows much better than we can even guess about the timing of events and the changes that are soon to engulf us. God always gives us a way to safety, praise His Holy Name!

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