Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Once again Michael nails it! Watch this very important short video .. share it with all you know, ESPECIALLY your Bishops, Pastors and all clergy. Just IMAGINE (no, not like John Lennon) what transformation would take place if this was done in this country alone, let alone the whole world. Formation has been a joke in the last decades. It's no wonder our young ones don't take things seriously. It's a wonder how any of us still DO .. only by the grace of Almighty God to be sure! Folks ... this is TRUE AND REAL and it's happening in YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD RIGHT NOW and has been for a long time. Don't just think about November and the elections coming up (and please DO remember to take out the TRASH on the 2nd!) ... but we should also pray for the strength and grace to stand firm in the FAITH THAT WAS PASSED DOWN from the 1st century. It's been watered down so many times now, it's a wonder it's at all recognizable! Do it in love .. show this to your priests and diocese members .. but DO IT. PRAY FOR OUR BISHOPS, PRIESTS and all CLERGY that they may be given the grace to be the servants God needs in times such as these!
Prayer and Penance is KEY. Don't get lost in the world and its problems ... it will all pass quickly ... rather pay attention and work for ETERNITY and the KINGDOM that you may stand in His Presence forever!

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