Friday, October 8, 2010

By Who's Authority?

You can find my videos here and on you tube saying the same thing as Michael does in this video. And it's one of the reasons why I personally feel that Protestants and most especially those Catholics that have fallen away, have embraced mediocrity rather than MAJESTY. In Catholicism, we have the FULLNESS OF FAITH with all SEVEN SACRAMENTS. Just for the fact that Protestants have just 2 Sacraments should be a clue that something is missing, huh? I pray daily for conversions and long for the day we will all be ONE. CATHOLIC. UNIVERSAL. After all, that's exactly what "CATHOLIC" means ... and more importantly it's what Jesus WANTS: "That they all be ONE." Just as He is One with the Father. We need to earnestly pray that a sign, miracle, the Illumination or something will change hearts and open eyes and ears to the Truth that is Christ Jesus rather than the suffering, devestation and destruction that I fear is on the way. After all, how long can our Lady hold back His Justice anyway?? How long can we afford to continue being complacent and afraid of offending or hurting someone's feelings? All should be done tenderly with love of course, but it SHOULD BE DONE .. if we leave our brothers in their sins and say NOTHING, we take their sins on our own souls!
"He who has much, much will be expected!"
Keep your wicks trimmed and always carry extra oil! ;)

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